Little Sisters of the Poor, Revisited

Update: After a presence in North St. Louis for around 150 years, the Little Sisters of the Poor sold their campus on December 28, 2022. The new owner is operating a homeless shelter in the building called Sisters Mission.

For whatever reason, the Little Sisters of the Poor is a difficult building to photograph adequately. After being a presence in North St. Louis, and in St. Louis Place since 1869, the institution for senior citizens is now closed. This is a newer building built on the site of an older one; the wall is original, and you can see a sidewalk going up to a now blocked up gate above.

There are increasingly fewer places for senior citizens to stay in their community in North St. Louis, with the closure of the nursing home at Grand and Blair, and now the Little Sisters. It is important for the elderly to have places to live in near their social connections.

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