Railroad Machine Shops, Oelwein, Fayette County, Iowa, Revisited Again

We were able to get closer to the massive railroad machine shops that I examined back in July of 2021. I had first observed them from a distance back in the fall of 2018 (ninth photo down).

They’re massive, impressive buildings, but what is even more massive, and you can see that in the fire insurance maps in my post from last year, is that they are just a small fragment of what was once here when this complex employed over a thousand men.

From what I understand, in 2010, just before I visited this area for the first time, the vast majority of the buildings were demolished as the railroad disinvested itself from the town. There is still a roundhouse in the area, but there is a far smaller footprint.

As such, the buildings are left to new owners, and the forest and undergrowth envelop the brick walls every summer.

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