McRee Avenue, McRee Town, October 2022

The last time I strolled down McRee Avenue in McRee Town was back in January of 2020. After my recent trip to France, I have been finding that I have been needing a French pastry fix more often, so my Saturday sojourns have been leading to Patisserie Chouquette more often.

The new construction is interesting, but what I really find interesting are the holdouts. Who are they? I want to talk to them but I never see them out when I visit.

Visiting McRee Town always raises questions for me: such large scale redevelopment has not been duplicated again in St. Louis in this manner. Will it happen again, or is this a one time phenomenon?

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  1. Hans Lothander says:

    Re holdouts in the ‘hood: there is never anyone on the sidewalk.
    What time of day do you usually shot?

    1. cnaffziger says:

      I go in the middle of the day. It’s remarkable how few people I see walking out in St. Louis. I was wondering why no one mentioned how many people were caught in my photos of Paris. I remembered thinking how my photos of France had such a different feel with crowds compared to my photos of St. Louis which are almost always void of people without any attempt on my part to do so.

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