Metamora, Revisited

I found myself near Metamora, which I had visited back in 2011, so I went into town and looked around again.

I stumbled across St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, built in a German Hallkirche style, where the buttresses are engaged to the curtain wall. There are several blind windows, as well.

The rectory is attached to the west of the church.

I also came across this house, which originally was in the Queen Anne style but like many examples, has lost much of the millwork.

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  1. Steve Mamanella says:

    Hi Chris. Former Diocese of Peoria communications guy here again. Minor thing, but there’s no “h” at the end of Metamora. I do love the updates from Central Illinois! Take care.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      Oops! I don’t know why I keep thinking there’s an H on the end! Thanks for the correction.

  2. This building looks badly modified; certainly the square louvers of the belfry are not original, though they do suggest that there’s still a bell up there.

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