News of MetroLink Funding Cuts Makes it to Rome

Update: Service was later restored with the passage of a new tax.

So I’m sitting in an Internet store in the middle of Rome, realizing that the budget cuts back in St. Louis are going into effect in hours, or already have struck. I saw a story about it on CNN International last night. What are we going to do? How are we going to make St. Louis a better place when people have to own a car to get everywhere? In Rome you can walk anywhere and cars are an endangered species, if a very volatile one. You get the city you pay for; Metro wasn’t bluffing after all, was it?

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  1. Joan says:

    This is what happens when taxpayers try go get revenge upon a company which badly mismanaged funds. It’s a classic example of cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face. People are suffering badly with no way to get to jobs. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a mega culpa second chance to vote on this.

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