Millionaires’ Row, Cairo, Illinois

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Italianate and Second Empire architecture dominates Millionaires’ Row, the grouping of lavish houses on Washington Avenue down the street from Magnolia Manor. This house, with its clean red brick, was my favorite.

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This Georgian Revival-esque house was probably one of the last grand homes built in the city.

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But even on Millionaires’ Row, you can find abandonment.

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Time to trim back the bushes…

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  1. Pamela Roberts says:

    Very interesting… I wish u had pictures of the houses now to compare to the old beautiful houses. And I’m hungry for more information on how the town got that way. And how it looks now compared to then. I’ve driven thru the town a few times on vacation and find it so fascinating. And why are there some people still living there when there is absolutely nothing. My husband and best friend are as curious as me also. Thank you for the information you have given. Pam

  2. Pamela Roberts says:

    In my first comment I was referring to Cairo, Illinois.

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