New Big Mound Memorial

Hyde Park and Riverfront 039

I went to check on the progress of the new bridge, and discovered the new La Grange de Terre memorial was completed. It’s in a much better location than the old memorial in that the new one sits on land that was actually part of the mound. In the background, the approaches for the bridge are largely complete.

Hyde Park and Riverfront 041

The old memorial, of similar form, is up on the site of the old Mound Market, just west of Broadway. I was a little confused by the man with the headdress; do we have any evidence that the Mound Builders wore such regalia?

Hyde Park and Riverfront 043

As an aside, Mound Street seems to have acquired an “s” on the end of its name. I know it was Mound Street before.

Hyde Park and Riverfront 045

Update: Sign has been amended back to “Mound Street.”

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  1. e4explore says:

    That silly indian head is gonna be pried off and cashed in for beer money. Thanks for keeping on top of things, and for all the excellent research and great shots.

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