Notable Houses, The Ville

The Ville 064

This house above, an Italianate wood-frame house is surely one of the oldest buildings in the Ville. Below, this fascinating two-family building surely rose along with the Ville’s changing fortunes as the center of African-American life in St. Louis.

The Ville 149

Again, another incredibly old house, one that could easily fit into St. Louis Place or Lafayette Square, sits in relatively good condition.

The Ville 153

Another older Italianate house:

The Ville 155

This house is strange; it is brick on the first floor, and wood up above.

The Ville 161

Update: Annie Malone never lived in a house in the Ville; she lived in an apartment in the Poro College on the other side of the neighborhood.

I wonder who owned this majestic house below; was it Annie Malone, possibly?? It looks to be from around the 1920’s, and is an interesting Tudor Revival style.

The Ville 139

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  1. Christina Hanks says:

    In 1920, Annie Malone lived with her husband Aaron at 4300 St. Ferdinand Street according to the census records

  2. A Wood says:

    really enjoying this series on the ville. as usual, important documentation going on here. future historians will praise your name Chris.

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