Ohio Avenue Between Winnebago and Miami Streets, Gravois Park

Detail of Plate 32, Compton and Dry’s Pictorial St. Louis, 1876, Library of Congress.

Crossing over Winnebago Street, we look at the west side of the 3600 block of Ohio Avenue opposite Holy Cross Lutheran Church, which I’ve looked at twice before here and here.

I’ve actually looked at the west side of this block twice before, as well, back in February of 2011 and March of 2016. This unique house, seen above and below, looks to be undergoing some sort of rehab.

There are some exceptional houses on this block, and I suspect many were originally home to pastors, doctors or educators at the nearby Concordia Seminary, churches or hospital.

This double Second Empire house is one of my favorites.

New houses were being built well into the Twentieth Century.

Please don’t paint brick; it wasn’t always like this.

There obviously used to be a house here, demolished for a parking lot that sits empty all the time now.

Like I mentioned, Holy Cross Lutheran Church and a former school building, now a charter school, takes up the east side of the block.

Then we reach Miami Street, where we cross over and head north.

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