Ohio Avenue, Northern Benton Park West, September 2019

Starting at Ohio’s intersection with Gravois and Lynch, we head south, looking at the east side of the street, where there is the famous “One Night Stand” karaoke bar. It had been closed for a little while, with the whole building and its Second Empire companions for sale, but now it is back open.

Next is a house that was recently restored; there is much rehabbing going on in this neighborhood, after the Great Recession put an end to what had been rampant speculation in the area.

Then there is this wonderful row of tract houses, obviously built at the same time but ingeniously alternating between gable and gambrel roofs to create visual interest. The street trees’ crowns have been carefully pruned up above the rooflines to allow the houses to be viewed.

We then proceed back up Ohio, looking at the west side of the street. There are some amazing houses, such as this three story Second Empire house which is a perfect opportunity for rehabbing; it’s in good shape even if it’s open to the elements.

Then there’s this curious little Modernist in-fill apartment building, already abandoned before its much older neighbors. I find these buildings interesting, but honestly in its current configuration it apparently is not competitive. Its apartments look tiny. Now certainly there is a market for “micro-apartments” in some places in America, I do not know if there is one in South St. Louis.

There is a lot of abandonment on this block, unfortunately. The cat is clearly not afraid of the warnings of there being a dog nearby.

Below, that house on the right is very, very old, and a real survivor. I can tell by its placement on the streetwall and its roofline. I would suspect the 1870s for construction, and like its neighbor on the left to the south, it was again a duplex originally.

Then houses in excellent condition and occupancy reappear.

This alley house is old. It sits near the “Z alley” which I have documented before, and would have faced Gravois at one point. I do not know its story. It has a weird passageway to the house above.

Update: 2915 California is being renovated as of November of 2019.

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  1. Annie says:

    Hi! Stumbled upon your site accidentally. 2915 is me! We’re working on the rehab now, so keep an eye out for a finished project next year!

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Thanks for writing, Annie! I just realized I forgot to write a sentence for that photo and had written the address number for reference to come back later! I’m excited to hear that you’re going to be fixing the building up. It’s a nice one.

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