Texas Avenue, Gravois to Lynch, Northern Benton Park West, September 2019

Texas Avenue is just one block west of Jefferson Avenue, but the noise of that major artery and Gravois to the north is largely blocked off by the storefronts on the other side of the alley on the east. Above, St. Francis de Sales can be see on the left, with the backs of the very old buildings facing Gravois.

The buildings in between Gravois and Lynch on Texas are mostly early Twentieth Century multi-family housing, mostly occupied, and in differing degrees of repair. The easy access to streetcars would have made this a desirable place to live, with shopping right around the corner at the intersection of Gravois and Jefferson.

But relics of the early exurban settlement hides out in between the later in-fill, with this little cottage sitting way back on the alley line.

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