Old Farmstead, Demolition Looming

June Travels 015

Update: Demolished by late 2015. Now the site of a giant subdivision.

Someone died, and that meant it was time to sell off his land for a bunch of McMansions.

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He was one of the last holdouts, selling fruits and vegetables at a roadside stand at Clayton and Schoettler roads. St. Louis County tax records show that the house has asbestos, so perhaps that is what is holding up the demolition. Take a look at Google Maps to see all the trees that used to be there.

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  1. samizdat says:

    Shame. Nice little Victorian farmhouse, likely built in the 1880’s or 90’s. Developers are such arseholes.

    1. hmmm says:

      “Developers are such arseholes.” This seems a bit harsh. Should we never develop property?

      1. Chris Naffziger says:

        No, but the loss of one of the last bits of greenspace in that area is sad.

  2. Todd says:

    House is gone now, I drive by this often and never knew it was there until the trees were cleared. There is another house in Ballwin that will soon face the same fate

  3. Aleks says:

    I live not too far from there. Every thing has been torn down and if I’m not mistaken they are doing to build apartments there. something of that sort. At the moment it is just empty.

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