Old Louisville, Part Two

Continuing our look around the Old Louisville neighborhood of Louisville, we see an evolution of styles, but again, they are in keeping with what we would expect to see in St. Louis. In this case, we now see what would be best described as Renaissance Revival.

Also, there are houses that have elements of the Gothic Revival, but are not quite exactly that style in form, perhaps more of a Tudor Revival, but not that either, as seen below.

This house shows that tension between styles, as well.

There occasionally is a break in the tree cove to show off the overall harmony of the street wall, where houses, even if they are not identical, are designed to work well together with similar massing and fenestration.

Then here comes a mighty Beaux-Arts mansion.

Built in 1905 by the firm of Dodd and Cobb for industrialist Edwin Hite Ferguson, I feel like it has a bit more flair than the average Gilded Age mansion.

It is now the home of the Filson Historical Society.

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