Old North, Revisited Winter 2022, Branch Street Between North Twentieth and Nineteenth Streets

Branch Street forms the nebulous boundary between Old North and Hyde Park, and there is much vacant land in this border region. Also, there are many more wood frame houses that speak to the old age of the buildings. On neighboring streets such as Knapp Street and other nearby streets, Paul McKee’s ownership has furthered abandonment.

Many of the wood frame houses have been hit by fire in the last couple of years or earlier, as well.

This alley house is still hanging on, even after being battered by the elements for decades.

Some still survive in relatively good repair, though, as can be seen above. It is even a rare wood frame half flounder.

I remember when there was still a large apartment building standing along Branch Street in this area. It was demolished several years later.

Turning down Nineteenth Street, there are some occupied houses along with abandoned ones.

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