Old North, Revisited Winter 2022, Palm Street Between Knapp and North Fourteenth Streets

Palm Street always elicits feelings of the tropics, yet that is not what I feel when I look at my pictures, which were frequently taken in the winter, but also in warmer, sunny weather.

I’ve photographed this little cottage before in 2017, and at one point my friends were going to renovate it but decided against it because of the logistics just being too difficult.

Moving east of Blair, these two matching Second Empire duplexes are now going to have different fates.

The one on the left I have heard is going to be demolished, while the one on the right is privately owned and has been partially rehabbed and preserved. I’ve looked at them numerous times over the years.

I don’t know how much longer the house below will survive, either. The south side has been decimated, if you look at this post from 2015.

This vacant lot below only exists because of the demise of a McKee-owned building, which I documented many times over the years. You can see photos of its slow collapse in January 2010 (third photo), February of 2014, April of 2015 and March of 2019.

You can see the burned out wood frame building below in the first picture of this post.

Looking to the north towards Branch Street it is very desolate.

Then there is this old factory beyond.

We were intrigued by these railroad tracks that came straight out of the building perpendicular to the direction of the alley.

I don’t know its future will be, as it has been abandoned for a long time.

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