Old North, Revisited Winter 2022, Hebert Street Between Nineteenth Street and North Florissant Avenue

Walking west on Hebert, I realized I had never really looked at the houses down this stretch of street.

The views on the gently rolling terrain can sometimes be wonderful, as we spot Most Holy Trinity off in the distance.

There are more well-preserved Second Empire houses, many with their original slate Mansard roofs.

And there are some very elaborate ones, that make Lafayette Square’s cornices look simple!

There are also “free-standing” houses that do not take the form of row houses, but rather place themselves on lots in a more “suburban” manner, showing that Old North was still economically relevant into the late Nineteenth Century.

The front façade is a bit interesting in its lack of symmetry.

Moving along towards the intersection with North Florissant (which is also a complex meeting with North Twentieth Street), we see what made St. Louis so urban originally: a combination storefront and row of houses. You can even see the ghost of the house on the east side.

I have no idea what this mailbox is about across the street on the south side.

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