Old North, Revisited Winter 2022, Hebert Street Between North Fourteenth and Nineteenth Streets

I could have sworn I’d posted all of these buildings before, but apparently not. The house above was actually originally a school, sitting on the northeast corner of the intersection of Fourteenth and Hebert.

Heading west, we encounter one of the most intact blocks in all of Old North.

There is a wall of Second Empire houses, and I suspect that maybe some of them were renovated into the style in the mid- to late-Nineteenth Century.

There was probably a window on the second floor below.

Second Empire houses, like the one below, and most houses in the Nineteenth Century, would have possessed bright colors on the millwork, as well as the slate Mansard roofs.

Then there is this later outlier, which is sort of a Romanesque Revival and Queen Anne combination.

There are other earlier styles, as well.

Sadly, the little house that I photographed back in June of 2016 did not make it, and is now mostly collapsed.

I remember when a house across the street collapsed because the rehabbers took out too much of the foundations and it was undermined back in May of 2008.

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  1. Patrick Kleaver says:

    The first photo shows what originally was the Ames kindergarten, erected in 1892 (it gives you an idea of the neighborhood’s population density back then, when a two- story building was needed just for kindergarten students!).

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