On the Feasiliblity of Adaptive Reuse

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The McPheeters Warehouse on the Near North Riverfront was torn down recently, despite being in relatively stable condition. I can understand, I mean really, what possible use could there be in the year 2008 for an old 19th Century warehouse?

It turns out that there’s all sorts of uses for 19th Century warehouses, even in the supposed “scary” and “dangerous” Near North Riverfront/Broadway corridor. I had the pleasure of joining my friend who trains at the North Broadway Gym in seeing various individuals fight out in the middle of North Broadway. Shady Jack’s, a bar that reused an abandoned warehouse, cosponsored the event. A good time was had by all, and no one had to go to the hospital.

Update: Shady Jack’s closed in 2022.

The owner of Shady Jack’s renovated his building, even though (gasp) the building next door had been gutted by fire one time long ago.

This beautiful row of buildings is only a five minute walk from Laclede’s Landing.

So abandoned warehouses aren’t completely worthless after all.

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