Page Boulevard, South Side, West End

Page Boulevard continues to be lined with stately houses in the West End neighborhood, after a noticeable gap of parking lots and demolition in the Fountain Park area. The houses are mostly occupied, and many have driveways that get their owners’ cars off the busy thoroughfare.

Sadly, there are some vacant lots, as well, between the occupied and well-maintained homes.

There’s this great six-family apartment building, which breaks up the rows of houses.

Then there are these amazing smaller houses that were clearly built at the same time as a tract by a developer, but have all been individualized, some very elaborately so with their own portico.

One the north side of Page is the former campus of the Principia.

There were clearly more, but they have been demolished, leaving gaps in the street wall.

Then there are rows of these houses, which are two-family flats. They are extremely common, and I don’t really have a name for them.

There are probably thousands of these four-families, which are the black sheep of St. Louis; considered “hard to develop” because of their density and lack of two or more front doors so they can be easily converted into two condos, many languish with slumlord owners or are abandoned. These two are the latter.

And there are some amazing corner storefronts, waiting for rebirth.

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