Pennsylvania Avenue Between Catalan and Marceau Streets, Carondelet

Polishing off the full length of Pennsylvania Avenue in Carondelet, which I did in two earlier spurts earlier this winter here and here, we now start almost at the River des Peres, at Catalan Street. Some of these houses very well might have housed the workers at the nearby Klausmann Brewery, which we looked at yesterday. I’m not sure what happened to the house above, but all that is left is one wall and some foundations.

We see many of the standard South City houses that are common in other parts of St. Louis, but there tends to be more distance between them.

This mustard colored hipped roof wood frame house facing Espenschied is a nice change in the red brick streetscape.

But for the most part, houses are one story or one-and-a-half, with relatively small footprints, befitting the working class nature of the neighborhood. James Eads’s shipyards and then Carondelet Coke were nearby.

I like how simple many of the houses are.

The house on the right, judging by the state of the plywood, seems to have been boarded up recently. It is a very old house, perhaps dating to around the Civil War, so it is a great loss for it to go vacant.

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