Pennsylvania Avenue Between Tesson and Courtois Streets, Carondelet

Jumping down to the south and starting at the old Missouri Pacific Railroad tracks and Tesson Street, we now head north again on Pennsylvania Avenue in what is sometimes referred to as the Patch neighborhood, though many lifelong residents have told me they have never heard of that name. It’s usually just referred to, and historically, part of Carondelet. Tesson Street was formerly at least further west known as Motier Street.

The area was settled very early, and there are many extremely old houses, including these wood frame and brick Greek Revival worker’s cottages.

While this house looks like it was damaged by fire, there is general abandonment creeping in to these houses due to their age.

There are newer houses, which we seeing while crossing over Primm Street, and the two-family below probably replaced an earlier house.

Many of the two story houses are very old, as well. I’m curious about the fenestration of the house below, which is a rare configuration for St. Louis homes.

This was solid working class housing, for the families who worked in the industry that once packed the riverfront east of South Broadway. There’s still some industry over there today, but there is mostly just empty lots now.

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  1. W. White says:

    The house with the interesting fenestration looks like it was originally a story-and-a-half, three bay cottage, similar to the houses on the right in photographs seven and nine. It was then expanded upwards to a full two-story house, replacing a dormer with a centrally placed window. I’m sure inspection of that house’s side walls would show evidence of this alteration.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      That is a very good theory.

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