Pennsylvania Avenue Between Fillmore and Fassen Streets, Carondelet

Heading north of Fillmore there are relatively small houses, including this incredibly historic house below, whose age is still visible even behind the high palisade fence. It would have originally had a wood porch gallery to the left.

This hipped roof survivor is also quite old, as well.

But then as the elevation increased, and we get closer to the planned Bellerive Boulevard, the houses become more elaborate.

What was planned as a whole circuit of thoroughfares around the city never quite got off the ground, and then the interstate highway system came along.

But there are some beautiful houses around the boulevard.

Once you move north of Bellerive, the houses go back to the relatively humble, small shotgun style that is common in Carondelet.

We end up near the bright red house that I looked at back in this post from November of 2021. The interference of I-55 is only a block away, and the streets are truncated due to its right-of-way. The beautiful board and batten house in nearby, as well.

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