Pennsylvania Avenue Between Courtois Street and Koeln Avenue, Carondelet

Whoa, wait a minute, I thought, what’s going on here? Why are there are a bunch of houses from the 1940s and later on the next block between Courtois and Schrimer? The explanation is easy, coming from old fire insurance maps; this was the Reiss-Rapp Lumber Company, and it clearly was later redeveloped as housing when the business was closed.

When we reach Schirmer Street, we get back to late Nineteenth Century houses with an earlier hipped roof house in the middle.

Down the street further, we can see the former St. Boniface.

There is this house in the alley of the big house seen above, and I wonder how old it is. With so much new siding on it, it is a bit hard to tell.

We then make it to Steins Street, where we see the side view of that historic row of well-preserved stone houses that face the cross street.

There is this old hipped roof worker’s house bordering the alley, and it sits abandoned. There are so many of these unique form of houses in Carondelet.

Finally, before Koeln Avenue, there is this row of houses.

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