Pennsylvania Avenue, Tower Grove East, Revisited, Part One

Moving past the intersection of Gravois, Arsenal and Pennsylvania, which I’ve looked at in June of 2011, May of 2014 and 2019, we pass by the Grant School, which I looked at back in October of 2020, we pass through a very old section of Tower Grove East that I first looked at way back in June of 2018.

While there were some houses that were built as early as the 1870s, since we can see them in Compton and Dry, later “suburban” houses from the 1890s and early Twentieth Century came and filled in what were lots subdivided by the heirs of L. Hardage Lane in their Third Addition to St. Louis. It was a long, slender common field once owned by a French colonist.

There are certainly plenty of four-families.

But then there are also small houses sitting far back on their lot; trust me, there is in fact a very old house back behind these bushes.

Next door, for example, is this ancient house, covered in Formstone now.

Near the intersection with Pestalozzi is this house sitting in limbo, owned by the automobile garage next door.

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