Peoria, Northeast of Downtown

August 2015 173

Update: I revisited the area in September of 2019 and July of 2021.

I’ve been continually fascinated by the old neighborhood of streets running along the Illinois River northeast of downtown Peoria. I-74 cuts in between the two, but the interruption is minimal.

What fascinates me is the eclectic mix of styles from right after the Civil War to the early Twentieth Century, with big houses right next to smaller houses. It is a very democratic neighborhood, with board-ups right next to perfectly preserved and restored houses.

August 2015 175

This one below seems to be under renovation.

August 2015 176

Wood frame dominates, perhaps showing the economic reach of Chicago over St. Louis, with timber coming down from Wisconsin.

August 2015 177

While the house below looks like it could use some help.

August 2015 178

What is the future? I do not know, but I want to be optimistic.

August 2015 179

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