Deplorable Conditions Inside Oak Grove Mausoleum


Update: The former owner, Marilyn Stanza, sold the property in 2016 as part of a settlement with the former attorney general of Missouri, Chris Koster, which also included surrendering her undertakers license. Stanza died in 2018. See historic photos of the cemetery and mausoleum from a brochure. Despite many sources describing the architecture of this mausoleum as Byzantine Revival, that is not a correct description; it isBeaux-Arts. I also apologize for the extremely low quality of the photographs in this post.

Well then, I guess the realtor for Oak Grove Mausoleum and Cemetery took it upon himself to use my copyrighted writing and photographs without my permission! That’s alright, I’ll just post pictures of how utterly disgusting, dilapidated and ruined the interior has become. Make sure to mention this when in negotiations to buy the property.


If your loved ones are interred inside of this mausoleum, I would strongly encourage you to visit and make sure the niche is still in good condition. There has been serious flooding that’s affected interments, and I would hate for anyone’s loved one’s remains to suffer under these conditions.


Thankfully, the stained glass reproduction of Raphael’sSistine Madonnais still in good condition.



Pealing paint falls around Moses’s head.



This window was apparently taken from a church demolished in Midtown.


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