Pierre Laclede School

Opened in 1914 according to designs by William Ittner, Pierre Laclede Elementary School is at least the second school to hold that name in the St. Louis Public School system.

Emil Boehl, Laclede School, Sixth and Poplar, c. 1890, Missouri History Museum, N33246

The first was deep in the city and was a typical design that can still be seen in designs such as the Blow and Des Peres schools in Carondelet.

Laclede School: School Building, December 1937, Missouri History Museum, P0900-18600-01-4a

The current school is a traditional Ittner design that is bisymmetrical with two main entrances, huge banks of windows and then two perpendicular wings on the end.

I would describe it as Georgian Revival, which for simplicity’s sake I have lumped together imperfectly in the Colonial Revival.

What I love about these schools are the little details, such as these doors in the windows, as you can see below.

As is also typical, the flanking classroom wings are much more severe and lacking in ornament.

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