Pleasantview Road, July 2021

It seems like a lot has changed on Pleasantview Road in the two years since I last visited. Besides the house I’d been photographing for over a decade having vanished, I feel like there are other buildings missing, as well. Above, the farm above looks abandoned. Below, the school, which I’ve looked at multiple times before, including here and here, is now secured with plywood, as it has been for years.

Most shockingly, and it’s not shown well in the photograph below, is that the farm on the southeast corner of Pleasantview and Guth roads seems to missing all of its barns and now only possesses its house. You could see its giant white barn in the post from 2019 above (second photo), as well as in the fourth and fifth photos of this post.

It’s also visible in the third photo in this post; but at least the beautiful Italianate house is still there, way back at the end of the long alle.

I also took some pictures of the high-tension power lines that pass through the area to the south. The photos turned out like it was dusk, but it was the middle of the day.

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