Queeny Tower Demolition Complete

The old Queeny Tower has been annihilated, and the site is cleared without even a water-filled hole left behind. The site is now being prepared for future construction.

Some interesting remainders have been left; for example, up above the cantilevered remnant of the skybridge which connected the Queeny Tower to the main building of Barnes has now been blocked off.

But what is most fascinating is that the demolition has revealed old survivors: the original Barnes hospital building and a tower built on top of one of the wings. I’ve long known that the original hospital, best described as a double “E’s” arranged along the north side of the middle of the Kingshighway Dogleg (now known as Barnes-Jewish Plaza) still survived, used as service wings for their newer additions.

Dorrill Studio, Barnes Hospital, April 1942, Missouri History Museum, P0243-11655-01-8a

As you can see, the windows of that old building are now being filled in with cinder blocks for the short term, though there are now restored views of Forest Park out the windows of that old wing.

We will wait and see what the new tower looks like that will replace the Queeny.

Workers were busy finishing the final holes left from the connections with the now-demolished building. One question remains, though: where did the smokers’ lounge go?

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