Rapidly Fading Density, St. Louis Place

Remarkably, while most of the neighborhood around them was annihilated, this interesting ensemble of buildings survives.

Of particular interest is the small, later addition that wedded the two buildings together. It is not unheard of for new doors to be added to older houses, but the placement of this door and window is unique

Looking at the Sanborn map, the purpose of this small addition is even more clouded; the map shows a door from the addition to the house on the left. What was the purpose of this little building? Perhaps we will never know. But it points to just how dense this neighborhood once was.

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  1. Kevin says:

    There are several things I find interesting/amusing here; the railing on top of the small addition, suggesting the roof can be used as a deck, the “open” sign in the clearly abandoned drugstore, random blue and orange painted bricks under the drugstore windows, and the City Horse Hospital across the alley on the Sandborn map.

    1. Eddie in NorCal says:


      Blue & orange bricks in the drugstore facade probably indicates that this was a Rexall Drug Store location at one time. Wonder what became of the City Horse Hospital shown on the Sanborn map?

  2. Jeff P says:

    Yeah, City Horse Hospital … what?

    Really funny clutch of buildings.

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