Raymond Avenue Between Clarendon Avenue and Kingshighway, North Side

I’ve looked at Raymond Avenue before, just east of Union Boulevard, including the Lasar Residence (seventh photo down), but I decided to look at the two blocks just west of Kingshighway from Clarendon, crossing over Academy Avenue.

As is common in these blocks, the houses are often huge, and rival or surpass their counterparts in the Central West End to the south.

And while there are still alleys behind these blocks, there are increasingly driveways that go back to garages that face towards the street.

At the northwest corner of Academy, there are several other beautiful houses besides the Lasar Residence, which is on the southeast corner.

Continuing on, there are some stunning houses, which are interesting in that their front porch columns are brick and not made of granite, as I’ve seen in other parts of the city. I do not know if they are original.

The red brick glows in the morning sun, as can be seen above and below.

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