Return to the Farmhouse on Pleasantview Road

I made it by the old farmhouse near my family’s farm that I’ve been photographing for the last couple of years, and as the summer passes by, so does time on the clapboards of the old house. I’ve begun to spot more abandoned houses scattered around Central Illinois, and I hope to document more in the future.

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  1. Very cool. Love the way the trees are swallowing it up. It’d be cool to know some of the history around the place.

  2. Megan O'Laughlin says:

    I grew up in central IL and moved to Saint Louis in 2007. I still have a framed picture on my end table of the first abandoned farm house I explored outside of Metamora when I was in 8th grade back in 1994. That has been 19 years and the house is rapidly crumbling but I still think it’s beautiful and look in on it every time I go home.

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