Returning to St. Louis Avenue Now For Over A Decade

Update: See St. Louis Avenue further west of here in these three posts: here, here,?here?and here.

The row of houses in between Parnell (really sort of the traffic artery Jefferson becomes up north) and N. Florissant Avenue is one of the most beautiful streets in St. Louis.

I love showing it to visitors to blow people’s perceptions of North St. Louis; I am under no naive impression that the northern half of our city does not have serious problems, but I am tired of self-appointed experts (who have never even visited this neighborhood) pretending that there are not people working hard every day to improve their community.

Here is the first time I featured it extensively on my website, back in April of 2008, and the very first time with a single image. I have revisited the street many times, such as in this post from 2013.

Below, the George Vashon Museum is one of two museums you can visit for a small admissions fee on St. Louis Avenue, in what was once a mansion, then a funeral home.

Update: The Loler House was destroyed by a squatter’s fire the evening of May 15, 2021.

But there are still some great opportunities and challenges, such as the John Loler House below, who once owned quarries in the area. I’ve looked at it for the first time back in 2008.

Update: Steven Roberts now owns the Polish Falcons building.

The Polish Falcons property is still for sale, as well. Here is the first time I photographed it in 2008.

Update: The building below was gutted by fire in May of 2021. As of the winter of 2022, it was still a burned out shell. Its ruins were finally demolished by the summer of 2022.

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