Revisiting Carondelet: South Broadway Between Quincy and Haven Streets

Moving north past Quincy Street, the majority of the historic built environment is on the west side of South Broadway. On the east side are a bunch of vacant lots and rusty warehouses.

Still, there are more elaborately decorated Italianate storefronts that are not common in St. Louis anymore, largely swept away by later development in the early to mid Twentieth Century.

This little storefront, particularly with that one slender Solomonic column painted golden yellow, is a real gem.

Finally, as we turn west onto Haven, we see what is easily the most heavily awning-covered building in St. Louis.

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  1. Dan Lewis says:

    Those awnings were all the rage back in the 60’s. Some even monogrammed with the letter of your last name. Storm doors monogrammed also.They probably have to wear earplugs during a rain of hail storm in that building!

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Well, I’m curious what happened to the one that’s missing on the top floor!

      1. Jtw says:

        Are all the top floor windows arch top? It does not look like you could put an awning where one is missing, or if you did it wouldn’t line up with the rest…???

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