Route 66 Bridge, Times Beach

The now-defunct town of Times Beach lies on the other side of this now closed bridge, which once served Route 66 as it headed out to Los Angeles. It has been closed due to structural problems, and will probably be torn down if money cannot be found to fix it. Next to it is an old roadhouse, which now serves as the maintenance facility for the Route 66 Park.

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  1. samizdat says:

    It was actually an inn (with to let rooms) at one time. It was a restaurant at the end. That was where I had the best hamburger of my then-short life, when I was about eight, maybe nine (forty-seven now). That hamburger would still rate #1 today, it was just that good. My dad knew the man, Paul Mauer (sp?), who operated the Skelly station down the street, and would come out regularly to visit, talk, have a beer, fish down below the bridge, and he would bring myself and sometimes my younger brother down with him. Ha, funny story: During one of those excursions below the bridge, when it was summer and there were alot of people swimming and fishing down there, I saw a woman making fried chicken in a very small, rundown shack. It was the nastiest smelling fried chicken I had ever had my nose to. And I said so, being so young. She didn't appreciate the critique, for some reason :). Don't know how my dad came to know Mr. Mauer, but as my dad was a salesman, he probably had some contact with him on a sales call at one time. Many good memories from that period. Mr. Mauer lived off of Beaumont-Antire Rd. and had a horse or two on his property. I remember being in that house (setback from the road about 100ft, and pale yellow in color at the time, no trees in front, and a propane tank on the south side, near the garage) many times, and Mrs. Mauer was always a very sweet lady to me. Offered a soda or a snack. I think my brother and I were even allowed to ride the horse a time or two. I also recall my little brother getting a bit of a small burn from the electrified fence surrounding the horse paddock. Back to the inn: It was operated as a museum a few years ago. Is it closed now? Or just closed when you took the pic?

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