Russell Boulevard Between 18th Street and Mississippi Avenue

Russell Boulevard is one of the most interesting thoroughfares in the city, with different characters in each of the neighborhoods it traverses. In Fox Park, it has a particular feeling, in Shaw, a totally different style of architecture pervades, while in Compton Heights there’s a whole other story. In McKinley Heights, where I’ve looked at Russell Boulevard before, there is yet an entirely different group of houses and architectural styles.

At first, heading west from Gravois, there are small houses and four-families.

But then large, four square single family houses which probably have identical flour plans but received individualized front faades start to fill the street wall.

But there are still those ubiquitous two-family flats.

Then there’s this incredible terracotta detail on the turret of a building.

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  1. Elcee says:

    Lovely and so similar to some of the buildings along Page ave. which are in such a sad state compared to these

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