Salena Street Between Crittenden and Lynch Streets, Benton Park

Salena Street is lined with a wide variety of houses. The Second Empire house above has a fascinating story. If you look closely to the left, you can see that the yard is cut out; at one time it was actually a one story building that was added to convert the house to a dairy (there’s a store to the right I didn’t photograph). The house was converted back to residential in the last decade with an award-winning design.

The house above, I figured out, is also a very old wood frame house, and is probably one of the oldest houses in the neighborhood. Below we see some more older Greek Revival houses, which are some of the first brick buildings in Benton Park.

But then we see some early Twentieth Century in-fill, as well.

There is a huge number of Second Empire houses in the neighborhood, as can be seen north of Pestalozzi Street.

But there are also some wonderful, extremely old half-flounders, as well. Note the relief arch over the front door which is actually of a greater breadth than the opening it supports.

And then, oh wow, a double, wood frame half-flounder pair! The chance of these houses surviving is extremely small.

I photographed the house below and some of its neighbors back in October of 2015. I realized that many street trees are gone since I took those photos five years ago.

As usual for the neighborhood, small but nice Gothic Revival churches appear mid-block.

I looked at more of Salena Street in November of 2019.

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