Congress Street, Benton Park

It’s a little hard to explain, but Benton Park has two “half blocks,” accidents of surveyors and pre-existing landmarks that prevented the laying out of full blocks. Senate Street and Congress Street are two short streets that go one and a half blocks, dead-ending at alleys, and Congress’s houses face the garages of the houses on Lynch Street.

But it has a wealth of four-family apartment buildings, mostly in the Second Empire style, but not completely. There are also some single family houses, as well.

They have been renovated into apartments, part of a complex done in the 1980s, if I remember correctly. They lost their slate roofs at that time, if not already.

The density is interesting; this building below has an additional wing built out the back which was probably another rental unit.

There is a beauty in the architectural uniformity that creates a rhythm.

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