Salisbury Street Beauties

I revisited Salisbury Street in this post from February of 2021.

I’ve always loved this house, sitting back from the street in Hyde Park. Look at the Widow’s Walk, the railed porch on the roof, seen throughout the city, but now mostly gone. I cannot say if it is original or not, but it surely is possibly.

This cool house is actually two, and looks like something in Lafayette Square. These houses are well maintained and in good shape.

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  1. W. White says:

    I agree; the house is much older than 1893, probably early postbellum: late 1860s-1870s. I believe I have seen another house or building with that exact style of cast iron window hood, but I cannot remember where (one of the problems with traveling so much is that sometimes you cannot remember exactly where you saw something). It was not in St. Louis, but I believe it could have been in Memphis. What I do remember is that it is one of my favorite window hood designs.

  2. Elisa Pritchett says:

    2223 Sailsbury Street, I lived in this house for a summer in 1982. Sam Ritchie, executive director of the Hyde Park Renovation Effort Inc., a not-for-profit community development organization owned the house at that time and was working on a full restoration of the home. More than half of the restoration had been completed by 1982. The entry way led to a large foyer with grand staircase at the center and two large rooms behind huge pocket doors on each side. The room on the right was the most beautiful library with floor to ceiling built in bookcases, The huge windows in this home provided incredible light throughout the house. The kitchen and bathroom were still original and in desperate need of restoration/ renovation. The bedrooms were original as well though in very good condition at the time. There was a full attached servants quarters at the back of the house that connected to the main house through a single door. I hope this house hasn’t fallen into disrepair as it was truly a magnificent home.

  3. James Woodman says:


    1. James Woodman says:

      Trying to show Google street view…that house looks fine…

  4. Tamar says:

    I was born at 2223 Salisbury in February 1999 I was the youngest out of ten. We have many shared ghost stories here I want to know the history of this house I was always curious. I always wanted to see the inside we moved when I was turning 5 I always wanted to see inside.

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