Schollmeyer and Loughborough Avenues, Princeton Heights


Schollmeyer Avenue bends around and connects with Loughborough Avenue, a major artery in Southwest St. Louis.


The right-of-way looks huge! The houses are set way back with their front mound far back from the street.


There are some great four-family flats along here, as well.


And there are some great commercial buildings, as seen below.

copyright-st-louis-patina-9400 copyright-st-louis-patina-9401

Ah-ha! I was right, looking at the City’s website, St. Louis owns all of that grass up to the gently sloping hump on which the house sits. Looks like they did that so the street could later be widened, but it has never happened.


Also, I’m part of a panel discussion on Thursday, November 3rd at 6:30 PM for the opening night of the St. Louis International Film Festival, featuring Bill Streeter’s new documentary, St. Louis Brews, in which I appear. Tickets are available here.

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