South Hampton Avenue and Side Streets, Princeton Heights


I love the Modernist houses built after World War II in the southwestern corners of the City.


But my, what a miserable urban environment, as traffic flies by on Hampton.


The street might get plowed right away, but what is like to live along here?


I love all of the manicured lawns, a sort of social contract for those that live down here. In my neighborhood, people have given up mowing their lawns.


It’s an interesting mix of houses along here, from several decades.


Also, I’m part of a panel discussion on Thursday, November 3rd at 6:30 PM for the opening night of the St. Louis International Film Festival, featuring Bill Streeter’s new documentary, St. Louis Brews, in which I appear. Tickets are available here.

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  1. ben says:

    Why aren’t there any trees?

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      A lot of people in St. Louis don’t like trees, apparently. I saw a news story about it one time.

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