Sidney Street Between Eleventh and Twelfth Streets

Heading west looking at the south side of Sidney from Eleventh Street, there is a half flounder first, sitting high up above the modern street grade.

Then there are a whole row of more elaborate Second Empire houses, showing how the style was beginning to evolve away from wood planing mill-produced ornament towards terracotta and brick-centric decoration.

We also see the appearance of more complex dormers, such as the one below with a half lunette pediment.

And below, there are even evidence of Queen Anne style elements appearing in the roofline of the house, which is actually two apartments.

Going back to Eleventh and heading west again, we first see the Cat’s Meow, which is a bar that’s been in the neighborhood for decade on the southeast corner.

On the southwest corner is an American Legion post, which is obviously a much older building that has been shorn of its historic ornament.

Then there is this nice Greek Revival house, right along the alley.

One of the brackets has obviously been replaced recently, and the paint has not been matched with the others yet.

Next up is an interesting early Twentieth Century in-fill apartment building that had a storefront added to it. It was outparceled from the sideyard of the Max Feuerbacher House, next door.

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  1. Nathan Jackson says:

    The flounder house was owned by Maximilian Feuerbacher from 1867-1874.

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