Eleventh Street Between Barton and Victor Streets

Heading south on Eleventh Street past Barton toward Victor, we first look at the east side of the street, and there is a mix of different variations on the Second Empire style.

Then there’s a surprise! A one story house? How did this sneak in to such a dense neighborhood such as Soulard? I’m actually wondering, looking at the keystones on the window arches that are identical to its taller neighbor, that this was actually originally a two or three story Second Empire house that lost its upper floors somehow.

You can see the similarity more clearly below. If that’s what happened, the event had already occurred by 1898 according to fire insurance maps.

After that there’s a Romanesque Revival four-family apartment building and corner store.

Around the corner on Victor are some houses that almost seem more like alley dwellings.

Turning around and heading back north to look at the north side of the street, there are more Second Empire three story houses.

And for some reason, someone’s house and car keys hanging from a tree.

This house looks more at home in the streetcar suburbs to the west built in the 1890s.

In fact, this whole block has a much different feel to it than much of Soulard.

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