Sidney Street Between Thirteenth and Eighteenth Streets

This is a short block, and more of a creation of later powers than its original creators. Hemmed in by the interstate and Eighteenth Street on the west and the new Thirteenth Street on the east at least on the north side, it is only three to four houses long on both the north and south sides of the block.

Starting in the west and looking at the north side heading east, we see a row of beautiful Second Empire houses, most of which are rehabbed.

Above, there is something suspicious about the cement wall on the west side of the house. I wonder if there was a house attached to this one, and it was demolished for Eighteenth Street to be rerouted after construction of the interstate. Again, fire insurance maps show there were three neighbors to the west that were demolished for that reason.

There is one hipped roof half flounder thrown in.

On the south side, heading west from Thirteenth Street, there is this abandoned storefront with apartments above. I am not sure why this is just sitting here vacant.




Then there is an antique store.

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