Gravois at the City Limits


Gravois Avenue tries to keep its urban character right up to the city limits, but the Missouri Department of Transport has done its best to make this stretch of historic buildings about as inhospitable to human beings as possible.


It’s too bad, because the houses lining the side streets would be perfect for families to walk down the street to patronize businesses.


And in fairness, there is little vacancy.

Update: See a better view of the Ziegenhein Funeral Home from October 2018.


There is more beautiful terracotta, as you can see below.


The housing stock is in excellent condition.


These houses below look like they could fit in to Dutchtown.

copyright-st-louis-patina-9450 copyright-st-louis-patina-9451

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  1. W. White says:

    That is some classic signage in the top photograph. No beige paint and no plastic. One could almost say it has some St. Louis patina.

  2. ME says:

    I lived in & restored one of those small houses on that block of Loughborough Avenue shown in the second to last photo. Loved that house & neighborhood, but out grew the home & had to move, unfortunately.

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