Southwest and Northeast of Downtown, Galesburg, Illinois

Heading southwest down Louisville Road, I spotted one of the grain elevators that line the train tracks in Galesburg.

Now owned by ADM, it possesses one of the largest grain silos I have ever seen, at least in diameter.

I worked my way back up on Monmouth Boulevard, which connects the center of town with the industrial base to the southwest.

These two-family flats almost look like they could be in St. Louis.

Monmouth terminates at South Street, which is a normal east-west street in the grid of the city.

I then explored a little of the northeast portion of the town, reached over a viaduct that carries Seminary Street over the northern train tracks that separates downtown from the rest of Galesburg.

These houses are more or less back behind the hospital to the west.

I also looked at houses over around Losey Street. There is such a preponderance of Shingle Style houses in this town.

I then headed out of town after snapping a photo of this house.

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