St. John the Baptist, Bevo

Update: I went back and revisited the church in June of 2021.

Opened in 1914, St. John the Baptist was the bulwark of the southwest side of the city. I believe the school associated with it closed several years ago.


The church, just like its contemporary, Epiphany in Lindenwood Park and St. Ambrose on the Hill, adopts the Italian Romanesque Revival style. Perhaps it was popular amongst the archdiocese’s architects at the time. What is so great about the church is that it anchors its corner, even though it sits on a relatively narrow street.


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  1. Catherine says:

    I believe the parish high school closed, but I think the grammar school is still open.

    1. Allison says:

      You’re correct. The grammer school is still open; the high school closed circa 2008.

  2. Shaun Speers says:

    My Aunt and Uncle used to live on Adkins..with this church basically in their front yard. I thought it was so interesting. We’d always play around the grounds when we had a family event at their house. Now, my brother and his wife live in one of the bungalows on Walsh, right around the corner.

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