St. Louis Ave Streetscapes


Update: See how the street looked in June of 2018.

St. Louis Avenue is a strange street; if you look at the street grid you can see that over the course of its length through most of North St. Louis that it is actually a series of older streets that were combined together to form one continuous artery, of sorts.

What has always amazed me about this street is that its architecture is very similar to its more famous cousin, Lafayette Square to the south. I think the portion in St. Louis Place dates from about the same time, looking at the old lithograph of the city at the Missouri Historical Society.

But what is truly amazing is the difference in prices from Lafayette Square and the North Side. You can literally pay an extra million dollars for houses in the South Side that are identical to much cheaper ones up north.

I am still amazed that the streetscape is so well maintained along this street.

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