St. Louis Avenue Between Spring and Prairie Avenues, South Side, JeffVanderLou

I tend to look at JeffVanderLou east of Grand Boulevard, but there is still a section west of that major artery and east of Vandeventer Avenue. It is not doing well. I looked at some of the house on the north side of St. Louis Avenue a while back, which you see here after the Lindell Bank photo.

St. Louis Avenue is cobbled together here from multiple streets in different additions by a variety of developers in the Nineteenth Century, so there are these weird diagonal streets that leave “orphan” sections from the original street grid, which is where these houses are located below.

Other than possibly the one-story house above, every house on this block is abandoned.

Vacant lots allow for long vistas, and also reveal how the street grid is dog-legged through here.

There are signs of life at this restaurant, which as a sign of the times, as Schoemehl pots out in front to prevent people from flying down St. Louis Avenue, missing the diagonal thoroughfare and crashing into the front of their establishment. Don’t think they don’t have reason to be concerned.

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