St. Mary’s Cathedral, Basilica of the Assumption, Interior, Covington, Kentucky

The interior of Covington Cathedral is no less impressive than the exterior. And first to note: the presence of real stone groin vaulting! In St. Louis churches the builders usually cheated with the much easier wood timber vaults. It’s wonderful to see them made from stone. But the expression of the Gothic style here is truly breathtaking.

Gothic churches should be light-filled, airy and feel weightless, as can be seen here. Below, is supposedly the largest stained glass window in the Western Hemisphere, and the second largest in the world.

It is also incredibly beautiful. Facing it across the transept is a very well done rose window.

What also impressed me is the presence of a true triforium, which is that balcony in between the arcade and the clerestory windows above.

The stations of the Cross are framed by black veined marble.

A chapel contains oil paintings with subject such as the Crucifixion.

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  1. Allison Smith says:

    Incredibly beautiful! Do you know who designed the windows?

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Franz Meyer & Co. of Munich, Germany.

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